23, and not quite sure of things.

I like the sound of footsteps on gravel, and waking up to rain.

today, multiple layers of blessing. and things will be good.

"It’s gotten to a point where everybody is concerned about their rights and nobody is concerned about their duties."

Zadie Smith at the 2014 New Yorker Festival, commenting on her spectacular recent essay on the modern cult of self-actualization (via explore-blog)

(via zeddified)

this house

the clocks stop in this house
threads of tangled hands
spring forth like flowers 
in yesterday’s winter

the tissues bloody in this house
splattered vinegar on white shirts
ply on like muscular dystrophy
reflected in cathedral glass

the windows shut in this house
blinds to keep the monsters out
black that keeps the monsters in
a stale fungus

in airless closed

lying in bed

simultaneous thoughts of getting that shower, staying up to do work, and cooking instant noodles…these thoughts that paralyse you together with the others about your future, your worth, your meaning.

trust that tomorrow you can get up.

The latest narrative film I worked on with Andre and Luna a few months ago. A 79 second film to be made in 79 hours, for entry to Cathay Motion Picture Awards 2014 to the theme “Sisters”. Nominated for the finals, but alas, did not make it to the top 3.

Thank you also to the Little Red Ants for lending me their monopod and releasing me during this period.